Alot has happened over the past year and im ready to get back on board with this blog again. The blog like originally intended will be associated with the band “Dimitri’s Ki”. The same topics will be discussed but will follow the ebb and flow of the story and direction that DK’s story line is going.

This is not a new age site or a conspiracy site. This is a site for stories and discussion. of possibilities and suggestions. Its a place that can get deeper into the events that happen in Dimitri’s Ki story.

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This is kinda cool.

I have started constructing a click map for drum tracks I am about to record in Cubase 4.

Then something clicked, no pun intended! This rhythm map of points and lines are a symbolic gesture of sugars, and phosphate groups that make up the nucleotides strand.  The rhythm map IS acting as the songs DNA, not just visually but mechanically as well.

We know that music and geometry are close brothers and they use the cycles and patterns to represent their 3D characteristics, matter and sound.  There has been so much written about this topic, but with modern technology our view (literally) of music has changed drastically, in the last decade . With processing and fx’s, we have seen a full blown evolution of musical expression, and we are able to reach places sonic-ally we could never reach before. With a new evolution comes a new understanding, new connections.

So that being said let me try and explain myself a bit better..

If you think about it for a second, its harmonic resonance thats makes a musical note, and that note is made of  wave forms that through cycles, or patterns, create pitch.

DNA consists of two long polymers of simple units called nucleotides, with backbones made of sugars and phosphate groups joined by ester bonds.

The nucleotides represents the rhythm produced by the sugars (tempo) and phosphate groups (timing) that join together by ester bonds (curves, the rate at which the tempo changes)

These two strands run in opposite directions to each other and are therefore anti-parallel. This is represented in the picture by lines and squares.

DNA is one of the three major macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life. RNA and Proteins would be the other two. Since I want to get back to recording, and leave this to rest for now, I will leave you by saying this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining 2 macromolecules had features that shared properties with Single notes and Chords, or maybe chords and scales. Something along those lines. I am sure there can be a whole analogy written out that could show remarkable similarities and relationships of the two.

Who knows. It was just a thought, and I got it out. In the bigger scheme of things it means absolutely nothing, but for learning, it could be a way to make sense visually of the relationship of music, geometry, and life. All tho I do not touch up on geometry much here, it is clear that everything in the universe is made up of cycles and patterns. Geometry is in that which is in everything you see, touch, taste and feel.

Until next time, have the most amazing day and remember

Yes We Can….


One Minute Meditation : Martin Boroson.

I am hoping my next topic will go over an exercise that will allow you to reach D.M.T states naturally.  Of course something like this takes alot of practice and discipline. The video above is a great start, and if you can achieve success with that, it will surely help you with the exercise I will discuss in my next blog.


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Taking advise from someone who suggested I go with something light when I get stumped.

I have started a few more blogs lol but have not finished yet. Also some personal stuff came up and has taken my attention away from the computer the last few days.

None the less I will get back on track. I know all these blogs will be finished at once and ill have a couple of months worth of material in back up!!

none the less. here is something I hope that will make you laugh! it sure made me laugh!


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So it’s been a while since I have posted. I have about 6 blogs on the go but can’t seem to be able to finish anyone of them.
I am still trying to find my voice on here and realize I do not want to be another site that is regurgitating the same information over and over. There is enough people doing this already,I do not want to add to the pile.

I have some things in my life that are happening. Big things that I would love to talk about but have to wait a bit longer. Let’s just say the communities might be coming sooner than I thought.

So I will hopefully have some blogs ready soon. I am trying different types of things and hopefully one of them will stick.

Another aspect of my life is changing and if it all works out it will enable me to travel to many places. In doing so I will meet many people and bring to the forefront some of the things I want to show humanity. Another thing with this opportunity! it will put me in the spot light. It has been a long time since they allowed someone like me in the spotlight. I promise with this privillage that I will use it for the spread of good, and not the disinformation that so many others seem to exhibit. I wish I could go further into this, but I can’t right now.

I have met a few people who I want to talk about. Some technology may be coming out that will change the world. I know these people as friends, and they are not someone that I am reading about. There is amazing things happening behind the scenes, from names you never heard of. These people are the true freedom fighters. They are the ones that will make change, but unfortunately for right now they must remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

So that’s where I am at. So much I wanna talk about but can’t right now. With that I am still trying to find my voice and figure out how to use this medium to the best of my advantages. All it will take is a little time.

Thank you.

The False Prophets, and the Truth Movement: what it means to me

When I start to think about the convoluted matrix that is described “The truth movement”, I cant help but to think of a mob of confused animals running frantically to see who can get in line first to their own slaughter. To me the truth movement is a melting pot of conspiracies relating, but not limited to, governments, corporations/banks, military, and pharma/agriculture. The idea I get from it is a secret society/hidden government infiltrated our social institutions with a goal in place to take over the worlds power structures. It don’t seem all that crazy anymore to agree with this kind of logic. It almost ignorant to ignore the possibility. The people on top, in charge of it all, are leading our civilization into disaster, and it seem to be on purpose. The banking scandal proved that. Corporate power proves that. The neglect of our medicine, food chain, and education prove all that without a doubt.

So why is “TTM” (ha ha) such a mess? Why will it end up as a footnote in history instead of a catalyst for a reclamation of the most important revolution in thousands of years, if not human history? One reason I believe is because the movement is voiced by false prophets, charlatans, ego driven blood suckers, and master manipulators.The information that we are bombarded with is incredibly confusing, and mentally draining, not to mention, rarely, if ever, a solution to the problems they are throwing to us. The facts may be correct, but the guidance is damaging to any information they stuff down our throats. These prophets will play the minds of their victims like a lion would prey. If these elites do exist, and they do :), do you think they would allow their plan to be spoiled so close to the final stages by a few reporters and media types? Fuck no. Look around, how much farther do you think they have before its all said and done. Look at the last hundred years of our history and tell me there hasn’t been a pattern sticking out like a sore thumb that explains our current problems. They are cocky bastards because they know they are well prepared. Truthers beware, your movement has been hijacked. The Revolution will now be Sponsored.

I can call out names all day long. I can talk about people who I believe are sincere, people who would lie to you for a dime, but I wont. If I do that then I end up loosing my focus. Who really cares what I think anyways, its not the important thing that matters. I only address this now because I needed a topic, ha. No, I addressed this because I think its important for someone to have a heads up before entering the world of alternative media. I have had my head wrapped up in that matrix once before and have learned my lessons the hard way. I would rather see people get together and find solutions for free energy and self sufficiency, not argue endlessly over a particular view point.

We have reached a new cycle. The landscape is changing and if your not gonna connect with it, your will be left behind. The New World will not be inherently “downloaded” into everyones consciousness.  This is not waking up at Christmas going under the tree to open up your new concept of reality and time. This is a process, a journey forward laying a foundation making our way towards the peak before starting our way back down the other side again. We are at the cusp of a new Golden Age. The material age is coming to a end. With that comes great accomplishments, and great responsibility. Nothing will be handed to us no matter what age we are in, but thanks to a more forgiving season, and our recent human achievements, the next 2 thousand years looks like they just might be on our side. All we need is a little help from our friends.


“God cannot alter the past, though historians can”
-Samuel Butler

One of my favorite subjects is history. Through out the years Ive come to realize most of history is connected. Where we are today is directly effected by the actions of our ancestors. Our time line is not a series of miscellaneous points blindly executed by mere chance and coincidence. The more we can understand this, the more we can understand why our world is the way it is. History has been crafted. It has been watered down and force fed to you as falsely fact. The honest truth is our real history is far more magical and bizarre than what mainstream education will ever have you believe. If you don’t believe me go look for yourself 😉

This brings me to the lost continent of Atlantis.  The story dates around 12 thousand years ago. Earth quakes sunk the continent over night leaving a highly sophisticated civilization dead in its tracks. Its been widely debated that these people ever existed, at least to my knowledge anyways ha… We do know cities have been buried deep underwater. We do know oral tradition has been passed down from generation to generation describing ancient peoples from lost lands that disappeared in the seas. We do know that civilizations come and go. So whats the big deal?

Mythologies, religious and spiritual teachings, legends, occult teachings, rituals, astronomy, and sciences have been claimed to come from one source back in the deep crevasses of our past. How is it that different places all over the world that have no access to one another can share the same legends and mythologies thousands of years ago? Is it really that insane to think we all came from a common place that predates our current estimated time of human Civilization?? Could Atlantis or some other type of the same idea exist that was the genesis for future great civilizations like Egypt?  Why the hell not? Is it possible that there has been places older than Atlantis which the teachings go back even further in time? You will never know until you go searching for yourself. Its sad that today’s most educated professionals would rather maintain their careers and prestige over the incredibly exciting truth of our great Human Epoch. Its sad that they continue to maintain the lies when its clear that we should be heading in a different direction.

I am not here to debate if Atlantis is real or not. I am not here to argue what is or what isn’t solid hard facts. I am here sharing my curiosities of human history looking at topics that fascinate me. The mythology is so intertwined in our social consciousness that it should allow its self a place in our collective history, to be studied with an open mind and not automatically assume such a place never existed because it does not align with our current set of “theories”.

I cannot say to you that Atlantis is undeniably historic. Our cynical society would make that impossible. But what I can tell you with almost all certainty is that the history you have been taught in school is a history that is written by the pen of a charlatan, and not of the men and woman that came before us. We forget there is an IMPORTANCE to our survival by knowing our past.  There is a method and strategy that if followed would excel our pace of evolution, and bring us into the new world at a speed faster than light. Western society has been compared to Atlantis with its amazing knowledge that helped build a highly advanced civilization, but like the Atlantis People we are ignorant to that which is around us, and even tho the warnings are there, we choose to push them under the cover so that we can sit down and enjoy another night of the coach and TV. Of course, that is until the day we are washed away into the deep blue oceans never to be seen again.